Novo Energy Services LLC is an energy consulting and advisory firm tasked with assisting in the procurement process for electricity and electricity-related products on behalf of our clients.

Novo Energy Services, operating out of New York City and Houston, pairs its extensive energy expertise with strong customer and supplier relationships to add value to the procurement processes. We strive to provide the optimal pairing of customer needs and supplier service offerings across all deregulated US markets.




Power Advisory and Brokerage Services

Tailored risk management procedures and proven hedged purchasing strategies. We bring our unique background in energy pricing to the forefront of every deal. With market intelligence across deregulated markets, Novo helps clients of all industries shrink their operational expenses.

Renewable Energy Consulting

To us, sustainable doesn't just mean green, it means cost effective. The renewable energy industry is new and exciting -- but how do you take advantage of the market's transition from traditional to sustainable sources with not just the planet in mind, but your finances as well?  


Novo cut its teeth in the industry with solar -- championing our clients from commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational, and municipal backgrounds to find rewarding solutions. We'd love to help you too. 



NES partners with North America's top energy suppliers. These suppliers are filled with talented professionals who work hand-in-hand with Novo to bring our clients their most personalized and cost-effective solution.

Our focus is to bring our clients a holistic understanding of each supplier's

sophisticated energy offerings.





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